27 Reasons Why Everyone Needs Feminism #YesAllWomen

LOVE this!!

Thought Catalog

The first rule of responding to another article you see on the Internet is asking yourself: really? Is this worth it? Can’t I just post a snarky, verbally abusive anonymous comment like everyone else and feel a slight pang of relief?

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The short answer, after reading 27 Reasons Feminism is Not ‘For Everybody’: hell no. I need to address this. And before you dismiss me as some angry pit-stained, mustachioed hairy-legged whatever image is conjured up when the word ‘feminism’ is whispered, I must tell you that I wear short shorts and padded bras to make my boobs appear bigger and I like giving blow jobs. So that’s settled.

So here’s my rebuttal.

1. I need feminism because I refuse to be a victim.

2. I need feminism because as a woman of white privilege, I recognize that I’m fortunate to live in a Western society…

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