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Gonzo and Grunge

Growing up we all have our inspirations and we know exactly when we find them.  We recognize them by the way they make us feel from the very start.  Excited, anticipatory, like the greatest glass of water or hell, even a drink you never knew you needed so badly at that very moment.  Two of my biggest inspirations have been Kurt Cobain and Hunter S. Thompson.  Both for numerous reasons, Kurt for his music and his sensitive yet complex personality, and Hunter for his not giving a fuck about what is politically correct and writing about what he wanted to, the way he wanted to, and mirroring this in his own actions in his life.

I mean, how many men could say they had Johnny Depp as a house guest for filming “Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas,” in a spare bedroom where the nightstand was an actual live powder keg?  Only one, and that was Hunter S. Thompson.  Not to mention the epic way he had his funeral planned, his ashes being shot out of a giant five finger Gonzo fist into the mountains on his property.

I don’t even know where to begin to describe the different impacts the works these men created have had on my life.  Not obsessive effects, no, more like a good friend you could turn to when you felt really bad and something they wrote or sang was there to make you feel all better because only that piece felt like it was connecting to the situation. 

Maybe i will know how to describe it more in a bit….but for now, i just want to say.  Happy Birthday Kurt Cobain, and always R.I.P Hunter S. Thompson.  The world needs more of these people today.